First of all, I am by no means an author, writer, or anything close to that. I’m not a savvy public speaker (aside from a few rare occasions), so this is all very strange and foreign to me.

Life has dealt me a weird hand. Not a bad one that I want to throw away, but not the best one either. Just, a weird one. First of all, I’ve been very fortunate in my life to always have been provided for, cared for, loved, supported, and put in my place when needed. I have a great family, and amazing friends. I have my cat, Maddy, who has become my little sidekick through all of this. About 2 years ago I pretty blindly moved to Phoenixville after making a terrifying career change and honestly, have never been happier.

I have no idea how far I’ll take this blog, how often I’ll write, update, or whatever it is you do, but I feel like this is a good outlet. I’ve come across a lot of people who may be able to sympathize, empathize, connect, agree, disagree, judge, or whatever else people do on the internet and in real life.